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After recent serious bush fires, the Narre Warren North residents held a public meeting to discuss the creation of a local response unit. It was on that day, February 11th 1944, the Narre Warren Bush Fire Brigade came into being and was to join the Country Bush Fire Brigades’ Organisation.

Shortly after with the creation of the Country Fire Authority, Narre Warren North CFA Fire Brigade No: 8395 was formally formed on the 4th of April 1944.


This year, 2019, Narre Warren North will be celebrating 75 years since being established. Born out of a need to support the farms and businesses in the area, Narre Warren North Fire Brigade has changed in various forms and sizes over time and has continued to change with the continuing evolution of our support base to a fast growing residential/rural fringe area supporting other brigades in commercial and industrial areas. The brigade now responds to structure fires, grass/scrub and bushfires, hazmat incidents, road rescues, emergency medical incidents, motor vehicle accidents, car fires and many other call outs. The members of the brigade not only respond to local suburb and surrounds but attend fires and incidents in all areas of Victoria and also through interstate deployments.

Captains Intent

With the continuing changes and pressures put on fire services and members, we would like to reemphasize our intentions to and for the community.  This can be seen in the words of our Captains Intent, holding all Brigade members on the right path and helping us remain focused.

To serve the community of Narre Warren North through excellence in skill, knowledge, and teamwork.

" I call on all members to embrace and uphold this intent for our Brigade, and to focus on this as the ultimate measure of success for us as individuals and as a team.

Whether at a fire call, at training, brigade meetings, when engaging with community, or when working or communicating with fellow members of our Brigade or neighbouring Brigades (volunteer or staff), at all times to demonstrate conduct that supports and achieves this intent.  To continually challenge yourself and to always ask yourself; “Is what I am doing, is what I am saying aligned with the Captain’s Intent?”

Excellence in skill:

·          Practice your fireman-ship skills, particularly the basics, so that these skills become instinctive.

·          Always be and do the best that you can in all aspects.

Excellence in knowledge:

·          Advance your knowledge of firefighting and of community.  Train with interest and learn from your experiences and from those you work with.

·          Remember, all knowledge counts.  We are all individuals with a wealth and diversity of life experience.  Collectively we possess an immense knowledge.  That is the true power within the team.

Excellence in teamwork:

·          Practice and apply the concepts of Courageous Self Leadership.

·          Be a responsible member of the team.  Respect each other, and be participative and accountable.

·          Be the “Tradesman” and avoid the characters of the “Conspirator” and the “Joker”."


“Success is not a destination, it is the continual pursuit of greater challenge and higher goals”

Mark Dobrich

11 October 2016


Our Mission

Protect our community, neighbours, state and beyond.


Our Values

Through understanding, innitiative, preparedness and constant learning, we aim to achieve our mission.


Our Solution

Protect the community through mutual and beneficial involvement, awareness and knowledge transfer.